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8 Point Blueprint to buy Domain Name that attract traffic like Magnet
Domain Name is the very identity of your business over the internet. Choosing a domain name is just like to choose the company name or in other words Domain Name is the storefront of your online business. Yes, choosing the successful domain name is very thoughtful and important aspect of the business. It can take time to choose the perfect name of your business. But take time and conclude best.

  1. Choose your Brand name– Make sure that choose the brand name of your business. It will help you to protect and to promote your business. Also, if you are a strong business man go for Exact match domain.
  2. It should be clear and easy to type– If you want to get a domain name of your business, choose clear words. If you will select slangs like (Xperts instead of experts) or (u instead of you), the customers can not be able to find your site easily.
  3. Choose the short one– If your domain name is long, users and customers can mistype or misspell your address. The best way to choose short and simple.
  4. Use keywords– Use the keywords in your domain name based on your business. This will help you in improving the rank on the google search engine. Keyword rich domain name makes more sense to the customers. I am giving you one example like if you have a cloth wholesale shop then you should go for the clothwholesale.com or wholesalecloth.com. Inducing keywords in the domain name helps you to get more traffic on the web.
  5. You can also target your city or area– To get more traffic, you can also induce your area name in your domain name. It will help you to get local customers on your website. For example- If you are in Richmond and having saloon. then you may go for the domain name RichmondSaloon.com
  6. Don’t use numbers, sign & hyphens- Avoid using any signs and numbers in your Domain name because it is very hard to find the address having numerals and signs. Customers can not be able to find your site easily. If you need to enter some numbers, you may go for different variations.
  7. Choose appealing and memorable domain name– There are thousands of domains name available on the net. Choose that one that is catchy and memorable to the mind of a user. It should be appealing to your circle and friends. Catchy words make more sense to the customers.
  8. Choose best and appropriate extension– Choose that extensions that fits your business. Some of the top most extensions that you can select:
  • .com – You can choose for company, commerce, and community.
  • .net – For technical, Internet infrastructure sites.
  • .org – For non-commercial organizations and nonprofits.
  • .me – For blogs, resumes or personal sites.