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Domain Name Evaluation


Would you like to know “How much your Domain Name worth?” according to Forbes.

Exact match domain is not a word in the air, but it is a vital part of your business in the online World. It is the domain that exactly matches with the PRIME keyword that your business is all about. It can be a food, location, type of drink or any other business name that a user is searching for.
Thousands of domain and extensions are available in the market but they don’t work like an original dot-com extension. Exact match domain (EMD) plays an important part for the attention of your targeted audience. Investment on the EMD is always worth for money if you want to look your business on the stars.
If we see in the history, LasVegas.com is one of the most expensive domain name. It had been sold at a cost $90 million in 2005. If it had been LasVegas.tv, LasVegas.net or some other non-dot-com extension, then it would not be costly.
You know, it was Vegas.com who purchased the above domain in $90 million. It should be noticed when researching previous domain sales; these sales often incorporate other business transactions outside of the domain itself, such as the existing website.
I want to clear you that the Exact match Domain Industry is healthier than the normal domain market. If we talk about the benefits of this healthier industry, then it includes following positive points:

  • Internet size and growth
  • The original dot-com extension
  • Demand
  • Search volume
  • Branding, and
  • Inherent SEO values

So, investment in EMD is unmatched with nearly all other marketing and branding investments.
On focusing the Exact Match domains, Michael Gargiulo said, CEO of VPN.com declares that they bought VPN.com for $976,730 and results in several multimillion-dollar domain transactions over the years.

The Formulation to value an Exact Match Domain Name

Here, we will talk about a solid formula for independent evaluation of “Exact Match Domains”. This formula is a serious baseline and it’s not from any of the fake valuators.
Present Domain Value = Number of Global Monthly Average Searches x $1 Cost Per Click (CPC) / Number of Years Required to Be No. 1 In Search Engines from Today
With this Formula, we can value an EMD on the global search volume by Google Keyword Planner and factoring in the amount of time it will take you to grow the domain to the No. 1 position in search engines.
If your website is like VPN, it will take at least four to six years to come in the number one position in the google search engine. So, use this formula and try to keep your number in this formula. It will surely help you to realize the appreciated value of the domain as time goes on.
In the year of 2016, the total monthly average of VPN was about 8,800,000. At the search rate $1 and it takes four years to come in No. 1 in Google Search results. It was indicated that $976,730 was a great deal.
The following formula is created by the CEO of VPN.com – Thanks to Forbes (See orgional article here)
Example Formula = 8,800,000 Monthly Searches x $1 CPC / Four Years = $2,200,000″
With this formula, you will be informed about the price. You will get the answers of these two questions

  1. What are you willing to pay?
  2. What simply doesn’t make sense?

Conclusion: From the above discussion, we have concluded that If you want to invest in domain names, you should be choosing Exact Match Domains. Put your domain to test. Remember it should be an “Exact Match Domain”. There can be on other methods to evaluate your domain, but the above formula is the serious baseline. It provides the real deal for buyers and sellers to create new business opportunities.